some good stuff 3

  1. This family knows how to celebrate hope
  2. How i feel about Christmas
  3. My favourite vlog family EVER
  4. It’s been a while since i’ve watched the triplets
  5. I shall add Iceland to my list of places I want to visit. 


“Part of the reason Jesus was so revolutionary during His time on earth was that His Good News ran counter to the wisdom of people.” – Fear, Love and Refugees

Even as I study and read Sociology and the other modules, it is always fascinating to compare and contrast what God says vs what the world concludes. When studied alone, whatever people argue actually seems logical and very true. But when studied with the lens of Truth itself, ah. It’s interesting. haha.

Semester 1 is coming to an end. 4 more papers, and my first chapter in Uni will close. Many lessons have been learnt through the many mistakes that have been made. Definitely looking forward to learning more in Sem 2, but am also not looking forward to the workload and… no more SU option. ): Uni is so exciting, and it really is a roller coaster. 4 more years of studying before i actually have to be an adult! haha.

how to words

Sometimes I feel confused. But i am not exactly confused. Sometimes I feel tired. But it isn’t a physical weariness. My emotions are a jumble of words waiting to be laced into a poem but the only poems I write are poems like these:

slow and steady
wins the race
when doing the laundry
don’t do in haste

this is what a
housewife life tastes
better take down notes
just in case

ok jokes aside I honestly regret not taking lit in sec school ): I want to learn the art of expression through words. I feel so many things and think so many thoughts but I when I want to pen it down, I cannot accurately piece the right words together. Hmm.

what matters?

“Anything I put before my God is an idol
Anything I want with all my heart is an idol
Anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol
Anything that I give all my love is an idol”
(Clear The Stage – Jimmy Needham)

This is not found in the Bible nor is it chiselled in stone, but this bridge always serves as a structure when I think about what matters in my life.

Sometimes I feel so devoted and given to a certain cause or a certain ministry or a certain duty that I breakdown easily because I forget why I was so devoted and so given in the first place. It is so easy to be lost in doing, so lost in working for the results… but at the end of the day, what matters?

I learnt from a MLWrite’s masterclass that the first question we should ask ourselves before writing a story/testimony/piece is this: Why does this story matter to you?

When thinking about what matters, this question seems to be something I’m asking myself more and more nowadays. Whenever I feel emotional over a terrible quiz result: Why does this result matter to me? or Why does doing well matter to me? (and i know that it matters to me mostly because I came to Uni thinking that I will finally do well in school, and when that didn’t go how I wanted it to, I crumbled a little.) Whenever I sleep really late because I’m journalling or writing these kinda long posts (lol): Why does writing all these matter to me? (and i know it matter because I… have bad memory and I think these are vital in helping me grow as a person) etc etc

Why do I do what I do?
Why do I think what I think?
Why do I feel what I feel?

It’s not so much about having a reason for everything, but I think it is a healthy practice to know you heart intentions and your heart devotions. And there, is Jesus to be found? Or are there idols I need to destory?

What matters to me?

some good stuff

In between readings or just after a quick nap, I browsing the webs, 80% of the time on Youtube, and 20% reading blogs and various articles. These are some things I enjoyed reading and watching the past week or so. (-: (in no particular order)

  1. The beginnings of the Charismatic movement in Singapore
  2. Paper cranes 
  3. “I once was told there is no value in suffering, yet I see Christ on the cross and I see a God who suffered. Not so that I wouldn’t have to, but so that He could sit down and link arms with me when I do.”
  4. I watched Miranda Sings again after a really long time… and I remember why I was so in love. HAHA
  5. Finally, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

what do you do when you are quietly playing a dominantly male game and a slew of male friends and acquaintances spot you…

“OH WOW you play?!”
“eh wa hannah”

“pls don’t disturb me boiz, i got some ppl to shoot down.”

Haha. I kid. A bit awkward and paiseh still. But all is good. As long as we are all having fun. And fun I had. (-: hehe.
and I AM NOT ADDICTED. I just really enjoy the game.

2 more weeks to finals! Surprisingly, I feel less stressed. Just gotta tick one box after another. Gotta be consistent in completing all my readings! Now I know why uni students are always lamenting their yearn for the holidays because BOY I CANNOT WAIT for the holidays!