a november morning

After 11 weeks in uni, I learnt a few things that will hopefully help tide me through the various seasons of transitions ahead.

Firstly, I learnt that it is much much better to suffer the cost of discipline than the cost of regret. I’ve learnt this the slightly more painful way this week. I tasted sour regret when I realised how my lack of discipline in spending time with God led to an easy burn out. On Saturday night, my heart was so overwhelmed and heavy I could feel a physical ache within my chest. Like a tired heart nested at the bottom of my lungs, crying out for air and rest. Holding nothing back, I spent the rest of the night in prayer (or me just rambling on about life) and reading the Word. The Bible always has something good and wise to say. On Sunday, I made a mental decision to let myself have fun. Thank God I have a community that aces “having fun”. (-:

Secondly, (this is Lem’s wisdom and I really felt such freedom after hearing this one sentence) I simply cannot be good at everything I do. With the numerous things I want to achieve, it is just… not possible. I guess in every undertaking, I really do have to “choose my battles to fight”. In the battles I know I have to conquer and struggle through, I hope that I will learn the spirit of excellence. To fight not with the mindset of another soldier, but with the mindset of a victor. That is is not just about doing a good job, but it’s about being obedient to the voice of the Father every step of the way.

Thirdly, may prayer never be a “last minute option” (also Lem’s wisdom), but the first thing I turn to, whether I feel like praying or not. As I turn to the perfect Father who knows and sees all things, I will gain the strength to be disciplined in what I do, and to be wise in choosing the battles to fight.

May the week/month/what’s left of the year ahead be one where I put all these into action.

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The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

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