a little celebration

Blue pen, cursive handwriting. Yup, that’s my answer script. I stuck my arm through the crowd and snatched my script off the chair, eager yet somewhat reluctant to find out how much I scored. As i hurriedly made my way out of the lecture hall, I flipped through the pages to find the score I was looking for.


BOOM my heart just exploded AHHHHHH. My heart swelled extra big because I am only one of the 7 freshman students taking this module and I managed to get an A-! Even though it’s small, pretty insignificant in light of the 4 years I have left in Uni, I want to celebrate this!!

I also want to celebrate Tams and Pebs who were cheering me on (‘: what would I do without them??

I also want to celebrate Leng and Caleb for being patient and forgiving despite us losing two CSGO matches. sian. haha.


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