annual thanksgiving

Thank you friends, for always assuring me that I am not alone, through your conversations and presence. These are the groups of friends I want to honour (in no particular order).

Kingdom Kiddos – I have gotten so fond of this community. Authentic sharing always comes easy, and as a leader, the words that I think really marked my leadership journey with yall is “you are not alone”. Zec and Earmieee, I will miss u two super many but I know greater growth is awaiting you and your cell! Excited to rollercoaster into 2016 with you all (-;

TEAM NUS – Solid school community. and also the free RC4 and CAPT dinners HAHA ❤ thank you dels and bel for always being so inviting. into your little spaces n your large dining hall. Beyond that, I am so happy that we’ve shared conversations that have taken our friendships even deeper. THIS IS NOT PRETENTIOUS K i’m really really thankful for you all. ❤ Here’s to semester2. and year 2. and year3. and year4. tgt as one ❤

Tungling Friends – I first entered TL thinking I will get to know people that are super ups, but I am so so thankful I got to know very ordinary people that love a very ups God. The testimonies shared over the three months always left me in awe of the faithfulness, strength and love of the Father. Even though it was only a short three months, it was the richest, most fulfilling three months of 2015, and perhaps my life so far. To all our overseas friends, we miss you dearly.

Supper Gang – This year was a year of transitions for all of us, in the small and the big ways. I am so glad our regular saturday suppers happened, and that fateful night at bedok reservoir when abs threw us a curveball and we all shared our honest struggles and stories. As much as I am thankful for the real friendships forged, I am also very thankful for all the stupid things we did together. I think I laughed the hardest this year cuz of all your jokes (that Wesley, you will have to bear or learn to appreciate hahaha) May all of us continue to grow in loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (-:

Limtay – I will always enjoy conversations with every single one of yall. (-: Taiwan was one of the best times of my life and I thank those who planned and tolerated us (Zann, Sam Do, Dan, Rui etc) while we were there! So many things to thank God for this year wrt breakthroughs and personal journeys. I am excited for what 2016 holds for our cell!

Agape – I end this year feeling particularly proud of each and everyone of you. Yes, the journey was not always easy, but God has truly always proven himself faithful. Time and time again, I am amazed at how God has led each and everyone of you. I almost never feel adequate enough to lead this bunch, but God’s love always compels me and reminds me why I journey with each of you. My prayer for this cell is that all of you will learn to truly support and guide each other in the love of a good good Father.

Kallos Team – Thank you for bringing me on this journey of getting to know the heart of God more. Through the production of the different issues, I’ve caught onto the heart of Kallos just by working with every one of you. Ron’s eye for detail, Bel’s big big heart, Nics’ joy, Nat’s gentleness, Doro’s love and Shiyun’s leadership. I am privileged to be working with a team that loves Jesus, and loves what Jesus loves.

Hexagons & JC pals – YAY i rly treasure and lav all of you!! I’m so happy da xms gang still meet and i apologise for my lack of participation and appearance ): it’s just that after moving house… YOU R ALL SO FAR AWAY  )’: except sipin haha. See ya in 2016 and catch up soon homies. ❤ to my jc pals, thank you for trying to help me combat my fear of rollercoasters. don’t think I overcame anything at USS HAHA but thank you for all ur patience still. I entered JC telling myself not to focus on making friends but I’m so thankful I left with a small bunch of you I genuinely enjoy being with. Hang soon (not just on csgo LOL)! 

Family – Dearest family, thank you for loving me through through and through. This year I was faced with a decision to intentionally work at my relationship with you, and I am glad that God has always given me the strength to say yes. At the start of the year, it was a real struggle for me. At the end of the year, it’s not so much a struggle for me anymore. May God continue to give me strength to say yes to this family. I love you all lots. (-: 


some good stuff 4

  1. Singapore HAS talent!
  2. Gratitude is so much more important than we think. This message has been burning in my heart for awhile now, so starting the morning with this message really blessed my heart. “Your next level is one praise away.”
  3. I’m afraid of heights, but this is quite breathtaking.
  4. A tune
  5. Merry Christmas!


I admit. Before I joined the team I was one of those who thought of Kallos as the “girly magazine” that I didn’t really read unless a particular topic caught my eye. About a year into joining the team now, I’ve caught the heartbeat, and I am devoted to the vision and mission of Kallos.

What I believe in is also what Kallos believes in, that much of what we do/say flows from a place of identity. During the conference, I saw how many girls were unsure of the identity given to them through Christ, and how that lack was being filled by many others things that simply could not satisfy. I was grieved, but hopeful. Through the different speakers, messages of hope and love were spoken into their lives, perhaps messages they’ve heard for the first time. My prayer is that each and everyone of them will find pieces of their identity restored, and restored through the love of a good Father. (-:

I remember visiting a small church to speak on the conference and about Kallos, and I will fondly remember the girls coming up to us after the service with excitement in their eyes, eager to register haha. I remember leaders shaking our hands telling us to keep doing what we do. I remember how I felt when I heard the chorus of girls singing “take my life / all that I have to give / take my world / just inhabit all of it”. I remember God’s whisper 3 years ago when I stood and looked across a room full of girls. I remember that on that day, God birthed a dream in my heart. 2 days ago, that dream came to past.

To everyone who has supported us so far: You have noooo idea how much your encouraging words and support means to us, and to me.

To the Kallos team: Let us keep our eyes fixed on the Father as we continue to do what we do. As we do, may our hearts be united in vision and focused on the true goal, to make disciples. Let us always be obedient to the call of Christ, and let us be encouraged by the Word of God. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

on turning 19

Reading this short article was some sort of comfort.

I am turning 19 in 9 days. I am a year-end baby, but I insist that I’ve turned 19 much earlier in the day due to all the change I had to go through. Looking back at the year, it has been some sort of a strange transition. I now identify myself as quasi-adult quasi-teen, and it is a weird stage to be in.

This year, I had to make some pretty big decisions. Not the real, adult BIG decisions, but decisions bigger than usual. I decided to learn driving. I decided to find out what this faith means (by signing up for Bible school). I decided where (or who) I wanted to invest some finances. Through making these bigger decisions as well as the smaller ones that come with growing up, one of the questions I’ve learnt to ask myself is this: Is it worth it?

It can get a little annoying, like when I’m spending a few hours watching a Korean drama and the question sneaks into my head. Basically whenever I do things I’ve come to recognise as useless. lol. With the freedom that stepping into adulthood brings, this question has become quite key in helping me manage the transition.

While I like the increased independence that comes with turning 19, I still feel like i’m bargaining for an extension of teenagehood. I still try to ease my way out of doing certain household chores. haha. I am making mistakes, and I am at a certain tension with growing up, but I am trying and learning to embrace it all. Next year we are turning TWO-ZERO, and although I am certain I am not so prepared for that, I am so thankful I have an army of friends that are also not so prepared. HAHA. Gonna take on our new phases of life together.