The heart is deceiving.
It is nestled within the chamber of the chest, yet tossed side-to-side so easily by bitter whispers.
It sits and sleeps in our little abodes, but can snakes really be tamed?

Surely, only One can hold this heart steady.


you, never i

Being imperfect doesn’t disqualify us from serving God; it just emphasizes our dependence on His mercy.

A fairly long time back, I wrote this quote under the “About You” section on Facebook. Don’t know why I did that since it doesn’t describe me at all but today this truth hit me. Hard.

Everything I do is so imperfect. Am I demonstrating Your heart for the church right? Do I understand Your holy Word enough to teach it? Am I a hypocrite?

Truthfully, I barely make the mark. I am not even close to being counted worthy of serving a most holy King. And yet, you call us to be co-labourers with You.

I pray that this will not cause me to serve from a place of fear of doing things wrong , but from a place of faith, humility and awe, knowing that the little I give to the Lord, He still chooses to multiply and use.

You truly are a great and awesome God. Help me to remain in your presence always, where pride cannot fester. How dare I think myself as enough or more than enough? I am nothing but the breath and purpose you breathed into me.