there is a room that exists

there is a room that exists.

It is a small room hidden at the back of the museum visited by hundreds; thousands even. Little know about that room, much less have stepped in.

I know that room. Dusty jars labelled by years and months are scattered across the small space. The echoes of the empty jars still ring loud. They can no longer be filled, but I don’t know how to break them. The lonely vessels only serve as a painful reminder of what I never did get.

It is time to clean the shelves, break the jars and get new ones. Yet, I am held back by the fear that the new jars will only remain hollow till the day I need to run a hammer through the glass again.




You are not two separate beings; you are one whole.
You cannot walk two separate paths; you only choose to pursue one.
You cannot say you love one and yet love the other that disagrees with the former; you are only deceiving yourself.

You cannot lead two lives.


Emotive Dissonance

It’s my last day studying for my last Soci paper of Year 1, and I think I finally have an answer to the question “What do you learn in Soci?”

I come face to face with the deep reality that no man was made to live alone. I learn the nuances of behaviour; of acting and reacting. Society breathes a single breath, no matter how individualised we think the world is becoming. 

I also come to face the reality that this world is indeed lost – a voyager with no destination, a note without a tune; a human with no god.