some good stuff 9

  1. Greenland
  2. Allen Stone and his voice
  3. One of my favourite little apartments!
  4. Triplets and NOOOOOODLESSSS
  5. andymetsonia is my favourite YT channel ever and their recent trip to Croatia is so much fun to watch. Ahhhh, I really want to see waterfalls and mountains.

blown away by a gentle breeze

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7pm sunset 

I realllllyyyyy love taking slow walks. Met with a most incredible sunset before heading downstairs. So so beaaaautiful. The subsequent 2 hours of solitude steps were so restful.

Prayer today: May your little whispers move an entire generation.

i choose to be weak

I am weak, but Christ is strong; and today, just as everyday, I need Him to carry me.
T.B. LaBerge

The past week I’ve come to recognise once again how human I am – in every sense of the word. I am nothing but another breath. When I got on my knees, I realised why the Israelites wore sackcloths and poured ashes on their heads. If I had a sackcloth or some ash I would probably have the done the same. In the presence of a perfect and sovereign God, I am nothing.

Yet, it was only in my broken and emptied state did I realise how ridiculous God is. While we were nothing, Christ died for us. In the same moment that I realised how human I am and will always be, I realised the extent of God’s grace.

Kenna rekt this week. I want to experience the beautiful paradox of grace.
I want to be weak so that I will only be found strong in Jesus.
I want to be empty to know what it means to experience the fullness of Christ.

dirty feet

I came home, tired. My feet were worn and weary, aching from all the walking. I didn’t realise how dirty my feet were until i stepped on the polished marble tiles that greeted me at the door. I felt the grime caked between my toes and the film of dust over my soles. With each step I felt pretty gross, but it felt nice to be in the comfort of home once again. Even though i was home, i was on tiptoes – afraid of staining the clear tiles with my dirty feet. Treading across the floor carefully, I made my way to the bathroom. I had to wash my feet before I could finally feel at home.

Lesson of the day:

When we step into sin, we cannot get rid of it by staying outside the home. We need to come in, get to the bathroom, and wash our feet. Only then can we truly taste the freedom of being in the Father’s house.