“Jesus paid a debt He didn’t owe to satisfy a debt we couldn’t pay.”

kingdom come
not for my eyes
but for the blind


some good stuff 10

1. 插班生‘s very nice song for Singapore.
2. I love that Andy and kid does the laundry tgt ❤ 
3. I think one day if I hear them live i might rly faint or cry
4. taking anthro this sem has rly made me interested in the fascinating cultures of peope all around the world
5. i’m adding canada to the list of places i want to visit:

a king and His kingdom

“thank God for Jesus… because we cannot put our faith in political messiahs.”
– Caleb, 2016

Again and again, history has proven that politics will never be the panacea for the ills of a nation. Today is a reminder once again, that we should never place our hope in any worldly structure, no matter how esteemed or powerful it might be.

I rest my confidence in knowing that I belong to a kingdom not built on human wisdom, but a kingdom led by a Sovereign King.

On a side note, for the first time, two business students and two social science students could discuss actively on the same topic. It was quite fun to discuss how politics brought together economics, political science, sociology, marketing etc etc in a single conversation.