a time to keep silence,


you taught me to listen in the aching silence
you will surely teach me to listen in the noise


in motion

9am Philo class should be renamed to Ecclesiastes… meaningless…….

Sat for an hour and 40mins in class listening to a class discussion on the various possibilities of what knowledge encapsulates. Everyone seemed to feel increasingly uncertain about what they initially believed to be “knowledge” and “truth”. It calls to memory smth I heard:

“For instance, I loved my Wife and children, but I was determined to regard this love as merely a subjective preference without a real and objective value! Think what this did my ability to love them! After all, love is a commitment of the will to the true good of another person; and how can one’s will be committed to the true good of another person if he denies the reality of good, denies the reality of persons and denies that his commitments are in any sense in his control?”

Can totes feel the frustrations of the person who seeks to live objectively (with no such confidence in it). 

But living confidently is possible:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. (Prov 3:5)

Am starting to understanding why this verse is situated in the book of Wisdom.