commute 0745

We think we know love, then devote all of ourselves to the pursuit of that which is only a fallable, human construct. When that idea fails, we cast a shadow on what pure, unperverted love is – Christ Himself. We chase fables and fairytales, and when that story does not write itself as we expect, we stop expecting good. Our bruises become love’s new definition – a pursuit that brings only pain and injury. If we want to experience love, we must first recognise that we don’t know what it is. We can only know love if we know the name of love – God Himself.

If you pursue your idea of love, you limit yourself to only what you understand and what you’ve experienced. But if you pursue Christ (Love), you set yourself on a journey, recognising that there are waters you’ve yet to touch. Only in the pursuit of God can love grow.

The question is not “What is love?”; the question is “Who is Love?”