“Beware the barrenness of busyness”


film 2

very very very few snaps from my first summer. majority from the first 5 days spent in phuket.


spent an entire afternoon reflecting on my first year at uni. 000018360006000018360007000018360008000018360009000018360013

Listening to JT’s blue ocean floor at the beach during sunset was something i’ve been wanting to do for a while. The moment did not disappoint hehe.000018360020

filming a fire video for camp KAIO. it turned out to be one of the most fun days in summer!000018360023

some accidental snap sian but nvm it proves i’ve been to treetop walk haha.000018360027

C.S Lewis~000018360033


Takeaways from summer 2015

  1. Lots of intentional meetups with sheeps: Before this, I never really did make it a point to get to know them at a personal level. But Jesus always made things personal. Gotta do the same. Still learning!
  2. Personal: Learnt again and again of how sinful and undeserving I am at Camp KAIO and Burning Hearts Conference. Got rekt.
  3. Working as a teacher Jul 2016: Fun (colleagues with joy and the other teachers) and fulfilling (being challenged and stretched in many ways)
  4. Breakthroughs in ministry: Kallos launched our new volume + our first book.  I must not forget that this is not about us.
  5. Friends: Individual meetups with different people + Limtay Cell Retreat. I am so certain that we were not created to journey alone.

The thing that still remains as my favourite part of life in and out of season are conversations. Over summer, I’ve had so many intentional conversations with so many people that have challenged, rebuked, edified and encouraged me in many ways. Thank you friends, for walking life with me! (-: