(dear young you)

If your eyes are on the storm
You’ll wonder if I love you still
But if your eyes are on the cross
You’ll know I always have and I always will


May you always be rested in Him alone and restless in making Him known.

My colleague wrote in my farewell card.

It is an imperative that we learn to cast our interests and inclinations away for the sake of lifting another up – that is one of the things I’ve learnt during my time in the government’s social sector arm. And this is especially so if we claim to love Christ.

It was a very different internship from what I expected. I thought that WEW I could exercise my Soci mind, broaden my perspectives on the social sector and understand how the government takes on such a complex task. Instead, I walk away feeling more uncomfortable than enlightened. I’m pretty uncomfortable that I’m okay being comfortable.


Things must change in my life. But more than just doing good deeds, I really hope i will grow courageous to share with others what I know to be eternal hope. The land is parched of love. The people don’t know how to hope. The church… what are we doing about it?

“The greatest social injustice is not telling people about Jesus.”

never forget.

p.s. tams if you’re reading this HELLO

There will come a time when everything will be made new

While that alone is a glorious thing to anticipate, it is not the Glory. We must never mistaken the glorious for the Glory, for it is the Glory that will make all things new, it is the Glory that justifies and it is the Glory that glorifies.

For what is to come, we eagerly await.